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Impexmetal from the Boryszew Capital Group has become 2oth member of the Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP).

Impexmetal S.A. is one of the largest commercial-production holdings in Poland. The subsidiaries companies of the Impexmetal Group operate in aluminium, copper, lead and bearings branches.

- Joining of the Impexmetal Capital Group is an essential strenghtening of our activity, both as far as scale and range of carried operations and international character are concerned -  says Janusz Luks, CEO of CEEP.

Impexmetal is a quoted company with over 50 years of tradition in the foreign trade of non-ferrous metals, their semis and bearings. Since 1977 Impexmetal’s shares have been quoted at the Warsaw Stock  Exchange. Since 2005 the company has been a member of the Boryszew Capital Group.

Impexmetal is the owner or main shareholder of 12 companies, including 6 production plants.

The keys entities of the holding  are: Huta Aluminium Konin, Hutmen SA, Baterpol SA and FLT Łożyska Sp. z o.o.

Impexmetal Group has been placed on the ranking list  of 500 largest companies of the Middle-East Europe, which was prepared and published by Rzeczpospolita with the cooperation of the international consulting company Deloitte. Preparing the list, 955 companies from 19 countries have been taken into consideration.

The essential element of the production costs are the costs of energy, as well as the energy medium , such as gass, which is important not only as heating medium but also as a raw material. The emission of greanhouses gasses and the initiatives undertaken by the EU up to 2030 and 2050 are of key importance. The competetiveness of the EU  against other countries is the base of the industry development in the EU. This is the reason of the Impexmetal’s interest to be  very active in CEEP.

CEEP is the international non-profit organization with the seat in Brussel. The association  is a representative of an energy sector from Central Europe. The main target of CEEP is to suport the integration of the middle European energy sector  within the mutual energy and safety policies of the  EU countries on this field. The superior target of CEEP is also  joining of opportunities and experiences as well as development of cooperation between energy sector entities and research institutes in this region of Europe.

CEEP has operated since 2010. Affiliated members are companies and scientists from Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Poland. At present CEEP includes  20 members.

Talks with further potential members both with countries represented in CEEP and the remaining countries of Central Europe, such as:  Lativa, Estonia, Bulgaria and Croatia  are in progress.

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